Load Resistor Kits - 50watt 6ohm (4pk)
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4 x 50watt 6ohm Load Resistor Kits

~with electrical connectors~


Features: Gold colored aluminium housing provides excellent heat dissipation. Easy to install. 
Specifications: 50W Resistance: 6 ohm 
Size: 5 x 1.6 x 1.5cm(L x W x H) 
Wire lenght: 13-15cm(5-6")

Turn signal issues with LED bulbs:                                                                                                                                                                 

Solves common LED turn signal problems with hyperflashing and bulb out warning indicators. Connect one across each affected LED bulb to simulate the load of traditional filament style bulbs.

LED bulbs are so efficient that on some vehicles the turn signals may not flash due to the extremely low current draw of the LED bulb. Sometimes, with stock flasher units, the turn signals may flash faster than normal (Hyper-Flash) or trigger a "bulb-out" indicator on dash.

Mounting :

Load resistors simulate the load and heat created by traditional light bulbs. Mount the resistor away from painted surfaces, plastic, or other components that may be damaged by the heat generated by the resistor.


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Load Resistor Kits - 50watt 6ohm (4pk)

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